Barrel Beer Spa



Welcome to the Barrel Beer Spa!

Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience and visit the Barrel Beer Spa.

We offer a relaxing beer bath using only the highest quality, organic ingredients. Have a blissful rest on our fragrant hay beds and refresh yourselves with an unlimited amount of legendary Czech beer.

You deserve the BEST, and we are prepared to give it to you!

Your amazing experience will include:

* Beer Bath
* Unlimited consumption of exclusive crafting beer Černá Barbora (dark 
beer)     and Mustang (light beer) from brewer Staropramen
* Access to fragrant beds of natural hay by the fireplace.
* Complimentary appetisers

We are located in the heart of Prague! Only 5 minutes from Wenceslas Square.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity and experience the modern phenomenon of Czech beer baths.

Původně jsem netušil o co vlastně jde. Pivní lázně? :)) no nechal jsem se přesvědčit přítelkyní a moc jsme si to užili. Vyválet se v pivu od hlavy až k patě, popít ho a trochu pojíst dobrého jídla. To musí být zdravé! :)

Petr Schneider

One of the BEST experiences of my life was to go for a beer spa in Prague! 

I chose the Barrel Beer Spa as it was only a 2 min walk from our hotel. We really enjoyed the Spa, it was awsome!

Kris Michaels

Мы посетили Пивной спа Barrel, и это был незабываемый опыт! Уровень сервиса, приятная обстановка и особенно качественное пиво! Что еще нужно для отдыха!

Иван Пиворад

1 person beer bath

  • Beer bath with hydromassage and chromotherapy

  • Unlimited consumption of exclusive crafting beer Černá Barbora ( dark beer) and Mustang (light beer) from brewer Staropramen

  • Relaxing by the stove on a traditional bed with hay

  • Free entertainment for beer


Opening hours

Visit us today!

Monday - Sunday: 10 am - 10 pm




Mánesova 711/16

Praha 2 - Vinohrady

120 00


+420 722 939 464


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